23 février 2010

Austra - It's wasss sssso GREAT !

Cuckoo Friends !Here issss my last photos before I leave AustraliaPhoto 1: Female kangaroo with Joey's feet & tail sticking out of pouch! (Sorry Orson looked a bit blurry in set up shot so I took photo without him!)Photo 2: Male kangaroo (This kangaroo let me get very close.  Unusual for a wild kangaroo.  I was 1.5 metres away from him!)Photo 3: A group of kangaroos that hopped away when we got too close!Photo 4: Orson, Zack, R & Pete visit Parliament House.Photo 5: Orson, Zack, R & Pete visit a dinosaur... [Lire la suite]
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08 février 2010

I saw real snakes !! Thx my Hosts !

Here are the letters that my hosssts sent to my massters ^^Orson playing with 3 other travelling toys on a homemade hat rack made by Sarah's Daddy using recycled materials.  With Orson is: R the monkey from Finland, Zack the little green puppy from Canada, and Pete the Platypus from Australia.  They all had sssso much fun ssssswinging on the hat rack! :) Sarah's Aussie snakes played "Snakes & Ladders" with Orson.  They were all hissssterical!! :D---Yesterday we went to the Snakes Alive exhibition... [Lire la suite]
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