08 février 2010

I saw real snakes !! Thx my Hosts !

Here are the letters that my hosssts sent to my massters ^^

Orson playing with 3 other travelling toys on a homemade hat rack made by Sarah's Daddy using recycled materials.  With Orson is: R the monkey from Finland, Zack the little green puppy from Canada, and Pete the Platypus from Australia.  They all had sssso much fun ssssswinging on the hat rack! :)

Sarah's Aussie snakes played "Snakes & Ladders" with Orson.  They were all hissssterical!! :D




Yesterday we went to the Snakes Alive exhibition at the Australian National Botanical Gardens.  Isn't this just what Orson was really waiting for?!! It was sssssso much fun! We learned sssssso much about ssssssnakessss!  Hisssss!  Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!

Photo 1: Orson sitting on Sarah's lap with a blue tongue lizard.
Photo 2: All the travelling toys sitting on Sarah's lap with a bearded dragon. 
(The dragon actually "kissed" or rather tasted Orson!)
Photo 3: Orson looking at a death adder from behind glass!
Photo 4: Orson looking at another death adder from behind glass!
Photo 5: A python getting ready to be fed.  Her owner has rubbed the end of the snake hook onto a starling (bird, a pest species - bird is dead) so that the snake can smell it.
Photo 6: The python's owner is waving the bird around and the snake strikes out and grabs the bird.
Photo 7: The python has got the bird in a death grip.
Photo 8: The python is starting to swallow the bird.










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