05 avril 2010

The Netherlands ! Yeh !

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 30th March 2010  With my Host Margarita88 :) -  Hi everyone!

I have just arrived in Amsterdam and I am not yet sure how I feel about this place... it's so cold and rainy here! I hope we will have better weather the rest of my stay. B)



Landsmeer, The Netherlands - 3rd April 2010   

Hallo Benjamin!
Today we went on a bike ride... how dutch  :p Unfortunately we couldnt go very far since it hassss been raining most of the day. We were lucky to get back home still dry.  I was very happy I got to go on thissss little trip assss I have now seen my first real Dutch windmill. The windmill I had my picture taken with issss used as a private home. How cool would it be to live in a windmill!!

I have also seen some other animals, like the goats behind the windmill.

Almost back home, only one kilometer!

Write to you soon!




more pics in my album :)

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